10th Apr Outdoor Nets – CANCELLED

Hi All,

Outdoor nets tonight is off due to the recent poor weather. Also if you’re available for the first friendly this sunday please contact Tonka and don’t forget about the working day on Saturday from 10am, remember to bring a paint brush!

Cheers Braithers

Why Are Games Canceled Due To The Weather?

Games are canceled due to the weather because in the bad weather it is impossible to play cricket. Whereas some other games, such as soccer, are not as affected by the weather, imagine how hard it would be to hit a ball with a bat when the wind and the rain get in the way. This is why the matches are canceled even if everything was already arranged.

What Makes A Good Weather For The Cricket Game?

Usually, a good weather for cricket is sunny weather, or at least a cloudy weather without any rain. The rain and the wind are the biggest problems with cricket, that can definitely affect the game and get in the way of results. But getting sunshine in your eyes when trying to hit the ball can be just as inconvenient for the players.

Excellent Games In Bad Weather – Is It A Myth?

There are stories of games that took place in horrible weather and how excellent they were, but remember this is an exception and not the rule when it comes to cricket. If you want to have a great time at a cricket game whether you are watching it or playing it – the weather has to be such so that it allows that.

Should You Check The Weather Forcast Before The Game Is Scheduled?

It is definitely a good idea to check the weather forcast prior to the game, as it can have such a great effect on the game itself. If you want to have a great time and enjoy playing or watching cricket, checking weather for the date might be a wise idea.