Club Information

Ground Location

TACH CC currently play at two grounds located at the following addresses.

In order to get more info on our club, this is the page that you want to visit! But, before we get to the point and give you our address and info like that, we would like to state that this cricket club is a place for young, as well as for old, for juniors, as well as for seniors, for their families and friends, supporters and cheering crowd and everyone is welcome! As long as you care about the fair play, the sport, cricket and having a great time, feel free to come around and inquire how you too can become a part of our club and our family.

  • Bryants Field
  • Tanworth Lane
  • Tanworth-in-Arden
  • Solihull
  • B98 9EH
  • Rumbush Lane
  • Earlswood
  • Solihull
  • B94 5NA

Committee Members

TACH Committee 2012,pdf
TACHCC Constitution.pdf
VP Letter 2012,pdf

Historic Club Documentation

2011 Committee.pdf
VP Letter 2010.pdf

CHOE History Pre 1950.pdf
WCL_Guidance on Sportsmanship.pdf