Junior Teams

TACH is proud of its youth development and we currently compete across 5 age groups.

We wanted to dedicate this article to our junior teams and take this moment to show them the appreciation that they deserve. This is why this article is important to us, because we like the junior team to know just how much we care about them!

Why It Is Important To Support The Junior Teams

It is important for us to show our care, support and appreciation of the junior teams, as they are the future of our club and the sport! The cricket would not be what it is today had it not been for all the amazing people who have played it.

Junior Teams

What is more important is showing support to all those who are just beginning to play cricket, so that they can pave the way for the future! We appreciate and support our junior teams in all ways possible because of that.

Junior Teams Are The Future

Junior teams in just about any sport are the future of the sport, which is why it is important that they have all that they need in order to develop in good sportspeople and good people. Sport is the way in which kids learn about solidarity and fair play. Not each junior player will become a pro player or a senior player for that matter, but they will learn lessons that will last a lifetime.

Junior Teams Need Your Support!

We invite you to support our junior teams on the court as well as off the court. If you want to contribute just let us know, by contacting us on our email and we will point you in the right direction to how you could help.