Natwest CricketForce

This event has now passed. Over 50 volunteers helped out on a great day.  For pictures of the event click here.

The CricketForce strikes again! We are here to show you how the cricket can change your life – the way it has changed our lives. We invite you to take part in the event that we are throwing to help show your love and appreciation for the sport and the team and the club. Because, for us, cricket is more than just a game. It is something that bring all of us around our club. If you want to learn more about this, feel free to read on and you will find out just how you can join in on this event.

TACH CC are very keen to improve our facilities and with this in mind we’ve decided to sign up for Natwest CricketForce 2011 which will take place on Saturday 9th April 2011.

“CricketForce encourages cricket supporters, their friends and families to give something back to their local community cricket club by volunteering to undertake major renovations to clubhouses and grounds.”

The Sub-Committee have decided that Rumbush is in the greatest need of renovation and have agreed on a list of projects to help bring the Pavilion and surrounding areas into the 21st century.


Task Confirmed PM
Catering ???
Clean repair and fix up toilet/showers areas Pete Patel
Clear entrance/car park Dave Pearce
Redecorate and replace equipment in kitchen area John Robb
Lighting/Electrics Mick Weir
Repair/Board Windows in Dressing Rooms and re-paint Tom Twort
Overall volunteer management/press Dave Terrace
Paint exterior walls of the clubhouse Paul Townsend
Paint front gate and erect new signage Ian Braithwaite
Replace all carpet in the clubhouse James Bleakman
Roof and guttering Chris Whale
Sightscreen – football end Tom Twort
Sightscreen – forest end Martin Barber

Other Tasks
Health & Safety Co-Ordination  (Pete Carey)
General Supervision & Site Management  (Ian Jordan, Chris Pearce)

The club would also like to announce that Ateeq Javid, Tom Allin and Laurie Evans from Warwickshire will be coming along to help out on the day.

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