Senior Teams

Tanworth & Camp Hill CC currently have three senior teams that play on Saturdays, one Sunday league team and one midweek t20 team. Tanworth & Camp Hill 1st XI Captain: Paul Townsend Currently Competing: 1st Division – Cotswold Hills League.

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Tanworth & Camp Hill 2nd XI
Captain: Ian Braithwaite
Currently Competing: 3rd Division – Cotswold Hills League

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Tanworth & Camp Hill 3rd XI
Captain: Martin Prosser
Currently Competing: 6th Division – Cotswold Hills League

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Tanworth & Camp Hill Sunday XI
Captain: Pete Carey
Currently Competing: Division 2 – The Arden Sunday Cricket League

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Tanworth & Camp Hill Midweek XI
Captain: James Carey
Currently Competing: Shirley Midweek League

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These senior teams are here for a while now and we are all enjoying watching them play, just as much as they are enjoying playing cricket. It is a sport which is very demanding, so being a senior and playing cricket is something really admirable! This bat-and-ball game originates in middle 16 century south-east England and with the spread of the British Empire it has dominated the world ever since! Traditionally the players wear all-white plus some protective gear so that they are not injured.

Cricket has a lot of players around the world, but even more watchers and spectators who are cheering on for the players, as well as enjoying the game. In cricket the rules of the game are also called the Laws of Cricket, or just the Laws and there are 42 laws that the players should stick to.

The playing area is called the cricket field and the marked boundary is usually a fence, but it cloud also be a rope, a painted line, or parts of stands. The game is interesting to spectators of all ages, but it is also a great game to play. In case your youngsters get inspired by our senior teams, they too might consider playing the cricket some day.