Tanworth Maintenance & Outdoor Nets

Hi All,

Firstly just wanted to inform everyone that there will be a working party at Tanworth in Arden on Saturday 14th April from 10am onwards. Jobs include fixing new netting, maintainance on the batting cage, new covers for sightscreens and painting. We require your help to make this happen so if you can spare the time please contact Tonka on 07948 993790.

Also thank you to everyone who’s attended indoor nets, the numbers have been very positive which bodes well for the season ahead. We will now be starting outdoor nets from this Tuesday 10th April at Tanworth. The sessions will start from 6pm, assuming the weather is dry enough, and everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend.

One last thing, for all those interested in touring can you contact Pete on this email address instead of the one originally quoted peter2667@googlemail.com


Why Are Nets Important In Cricket?

Cricket nets are there to keep the ball in the lawn where it is supposed to be and give you a great game whether you are watching it or playing it. That is why it is essential for everyone who can get involved to help us put up these essential parts of the playing court so that everything can go smoothly for the open-air season.

Why Are Nets Important In Cricket?

What is also important is to give your contribution to the club and do what you can to help everyone enjoy a good game of cricket. Not to mention that turning the setting up of the nets into a great big party is certainly something you don’t want to miss out on.